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Robin Schulz Grammy Nomination for Best Remixed Recording, Non-classical!

Great things keep happening, today I simply wanted to share with you some great news. Mr. Probz (originally from Zoetermeer, Netherlands) is an extremely talented singer and producer that teamed up with German DJ and Producer Robin Schulz to make a fantastic remix of Mr Probz's album version of "Waves".

The remix version of "Waves" was grammy nominated for Best Remixed Recording, Non-classical at The 57th Annual Grammy Awards. This is an amazing recognition not only to Robin Schulz's great work as a remixer, but also to the work and contribution of many people behind the scenes. Engineers and executives that helped in the making of a record that has been nominated by the individual vote of thousands of sincere professionals of the music industry, all of them trusted by the academy. A recording selected from millions of songs released all around the world throughout a whole year, that is a big statement. The success of this recording is remarkable to me, I happily remember getting the remix files and working at Engine Room Audio with Owner and Chief Mastering Engineer Mark B. Christensen late 2013. Soon, I will share with all of you the grammy nomination certificate hanging on my wall! Check out the track here

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