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Mastering "Lost Files" EP by Honcho Deleonches

This is more of a #TBT kind of post since this project got released at the beginning of September. Earlier this year I got to work on this exciting record, "Lost Files" by rapper Honcho Deleonches (originally from Lakewood, New Jersey) is an EP that simply resembles the passion and determination of Honcho, Lost Mind Records and his engineer and mixer Chance Edwards. For many people, music cues and triggers memories the same way odors do. Since I sent the final masters out for approval to the guys, I hadn't listened to it until just a few days ago. While listening to it, I realized that this project is a special one to me. It became an experience that showed me once again that regardless of the amount of resources you may have (which in many occasions are the equivalent to power and money), the talent and dedication of people like these guys inspire and encourage you to collaborate and feel passionate for what you do. To me, this project speaks for itself... This project was completely done ITB, this time I didn't use an analogue mastering console and I did it all relying on my digital mastering chain. When mastering ITB the approach is quite different compared to when I do it on a console. I find myself paying very close attention to the gain staging in between plugins to avoid any kind of unwanted distortion. There is nothing that throws me off more, than artifacts and distortion caused by improper gain staging and over-compression. I also find myself making my limiter work a little harder to obtain the desired loudness. This happens ITB because I'm not adding any gain with any of my other processors (sometimes I'm actually taking out 1 or 2 dB of pure gain throughout the digital mastering chain). This certainly doesn't mean that my ITB masters sound more limited, I always compensate and make sure that my masters have more definition and punch than the mixes. Stay tuned for more details about this and other projects here at #bynacor Make sure you check out the video of "Phantom" and give the EP a listen on ReverbNation Produced by Drewini - Andrew Ilinsky Engineered and Mixed by Chance Edwards Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo

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