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Mastering Prinze George Most Recent Single - Make Me

Recently I had the pleasure to master Prinze George's new single release "Make Me", currently the band consists of Kenny Grimm and Naomi Almquist, an independent duo based in Brooklyn, New York (originally from Maryland) that has been captuaring everyone's attention since their very beginning. Working with the band and recording and mix engineer Samir Karam, was such a smooth and collaborative procces, the material they delivered to me was on point and the only thing left was mastering. The song ended up premiering on hillydilly this past May and getting reposted and reviewed by more than 15 different sites including HypeMachine , The Wild Honey Pie and Neon Gold.

Please give Prinze George a listen, simply contagious and vibrant music!

"Back in January, we all helped Brooklyn band Prinze George get the song “Victor” out there, which in March reached #1 on the Hype Machine. Well, the band are back with a new track called “Make Me”, that is probably on its way to the same place. New summer jam anyone?" (Via

"It’s been a couple months now since Prinze George surprised everybody with their amazing second single, “Victor“, and when they followed that up with yet another well-crafted track in “This Time“, it became apparent that the band was going to be able to steer clear of the dreaded “one-hit wonder” territories that so many acts on the internet seem to fall under these days. With that hurdle out of the way, the Brooklyn-based group seems keen to flex their creative muscles a bit here, showing their newfound fans exactly how diverse Prinze George’s sound vocabulary is. Unlike the previous tracks, this one isn’t particularly grand or panoramic; rather, their signature sweeping hooks have been traded in for a beat-driven soundscape with more of a laid-back vibe. It’s a different kind of energy they harness on the track, certainly, but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to like it. In fact, “Make Me” feels particularly special, serving as a kind of foil to their previous work while adding a sense of diversity to their catalog. The sound engineering is crisp and balanced, and the final product is impeccably finished. So, not only is “Make Me” a good chill-out track in its own right, but when enjoyed within the context of Prinze George’s complete body of work, it emerges as a brilliant next creative step for the band." (Via

Produced by Prinze George

Recorded and Mixed by Samir Karam, NYC

Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo, NYC

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