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The 1994 Infamous Sessions by Mobb Deep: Mastered At Engine Room Audio

During the past couple of weeks I had the honor to work on Mobb Deep's unreleased tracks from their recording sessions of their album The Infamous from 1995. The 1994 Infamous Sessions disc release that features legends like Ghostface Killah and Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan as well as Nas was mastered by Owner and Chief Mastering Engineer Mark B. Christensen at Engine Room Audio.

"The disc of rare and unreleased tracks from the 1994 The Infamous sessions, on the other hand, is exactly the sort of thing that reissues are made for. Many of these songs have been available to hardcore rap fans for years, but the best of them, like “Take It In Blood” and “Gimme The Goods”, are the equal of anything that made The Infamous. They extend the album’s long shadow and give a fuller picture of Mobb’s startling leap in confidence fromJuvenile Hell to Infamous. There are a couple fan Easter Eggs here too, the most notable of which is the “lost reel” early version of their Raekwon/Nas collaboration "Eye For An Eye" with an alternate Nas verse and a vintage Ghost verse. But my favorite moment might be the mind-bending live freestyle session between Mobb Deep, Raekwon, and Nas. Rae spits a verse that would end up on “Incarcerated Scarfaces”; Nas follows up. Both of them, however, quiet down when Havoc and P start rapping. The duo are still in complete, blissful sync, their voices young but old-sounding, their newfound chemistry a thing to behold. Apart from murmuring some appreciative noises, Rae and Nas are reverently silent. You realize, with some amazement, that they just feel lucky to be in the room." (Via

Mastered by Mark B. Christense at Engine Room Audio

Assisted by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo at Engine Room Audio

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