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Mixing & Mastering Pool Cosby's New EP "Yesterday Was Months Ago"

I'm so happy to be sharing some insights about this project. For me this one in particular is of the especial ones. Let me start by saying that I had a blast working on this record and being involved at almost every stage along the making process. I remember like it was yesterday doing the first round of mixes with Joe Caravalho (producer). He initially produced this record for it to be the thesis for his Master's Degree and somewhere arround those days we though about having this project be released as a Pool Cosby record, a little over 8 months ago. That's when it all started. It's exciting to see how this project has come to completion with such an intermittent work pace. Sometimes, that is the way records are made. Literally putting the puzzle together one piece at a time, at times working on your own from your bedroom setup, and some others, inviting other folks to come in and jam with you in the studio. In a way, that's how the strings started to take shape all across the whole record. Kevin Kuh (violinist) arranged and recorded his parts earlier last year, while Kristine Kruta (cellist) came in with her arrangements and laid down all her cello parts just a couple months ago. The record kept taking really good shape as we got deeper into mixing and mastering. We took an early first shot at mastering and decided to go back to retouch the mixes, move some parts around and even add a couple of bass parts. I personally decided not to worry too much about using the "right" workflow. We simply went back and open up the mixing and mastering sessions whenever we wanted, even if it was to do the tiniest edit, or maybe scratch an idea and try something different.

This record was economically all mixed and mastered ITB, there is a lot of harmonics saturation mostly in the midrange and tube emulation going on all across mixing and mastering. Here is my top 5 list of plug-ins that are all over this EP: Maag EQ4 on drums (shaping aggressively kicks, drum loops, percussion, snares and everything in between) and the majority of the string buses. VCC (virtual console collection) across all my mixing buses and mastering chain. VBC (virtual bus compressors) all over my mastering chain and over a few harmony buses. UAD Massive Passive as my mastering touch-ups EQ and working in conjunction with the Maag EQ4 on the string buses. C4 subtly compressing everything under 62Hz to wrap up the bass and give it some extra character in mastering. I really hope you can find some time to check this record out, feel free to download your copy!

Produced by Joseph Caravalho Strings arranged & performed by Kristine Kruta & Kevin Kuh Mixed & mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo 'Give Your Love' features Samora Pinderhughes & Elena Pinderhughes 'Hymnody' features Dan Millice

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