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Mixing and Mastering Michael Jackson REMIX of Love Never Felt So Good by PHINESTRO ∆

Phinestro is one of the most talented art creators I know, a multifaceted and sophisticated producer with great experience that showcases in every single one of his productions.

Phinestro and I worked very close during the whole production process for this track down at Engine Room Audio, the mixing was practically done in matter of hours and we decided to hold on to it and wait for a couple of days before moving on to mastering.

As an engineer that focuses on mixing and mastering as two separate arts (just like there are producers that grasp the art of mixing or mixers that produce for their client on the side) I like to take my time (a few hours or days) in between mixing and mastering. Once I am done with the mixing process and before proceeding to mastering, I take some time to set my mind for mastering and have a clear and fresh approach before I start, that is exactly what we did this time.

Please give a listen to the track here

Reproduced and Remixed by Phinestro

Mixed and Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo at Engine Room Audio

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