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Mastering Home Alone by The Gregory Brothers

I had a great time mastering on The Gregory Brothers' christmas release, I got quite excited when Dan Milllice asked me if I could do the job and polish up the mix for the brothers...

"Christmas could not have been complete without watching "Home Alone."

We see this classic every year, and though we hate to admit it, it is possible to get sick of "Home Alone"... at least the original version.

That's why we're thankful that loyal fans are taking the movie, and making it their own in a variety of ways.

We are especially grateful for the songifying abilities of The Gregory Brothers AKA Schmoyoho, who have taken the entire plot of "Home Alone" and turned it into a song." (Via

“The Gregory Brothers have invented a completely new art form that is perfectly suited to our meme-crazed times, and — most difficult to replicate — is incredibly well made. Their skills are obvious and their ears perceptive, as evidenced by the way in which they mimic pop music tropes to perfection.” (Via

“The Gregory Brothers have contributed something very important to American culture” – Rachel Maddow

Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo at Engine Room Audio

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