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Mastering & Mixing Pool Cosby Live at PIANOS NYC - Lambkini Live Series

Pool Cosby took over Pianos NYC for its EP Release, which is now their second studio record. Mixing and Mastering this audiovisual project produced by Lambkini was such a fun process and working along with the rest of the band allows the result to speak for itself...

"Their indigenous NYC forward-thinking electronic music, which has been crafted at Engine Room Audio in the Financial District, is energizing, chill, and uplifting all at the same time. Pool Cosby has a sound that is their own, and each individual is extremely talented as a musician. Rather than one outshining the other, they build off each other's skills. You can dig into their EP Can't Wait here, and a live show is without doubt recommended by your neighborhood Indie Shuffle contributor. Lastly, in case you are wondering who that is in the featured song's intro, it's the unmistakable Jim Morrison on the future of music." (Via

Mixed and Mastered by Nacor Zuluaga at Engine Room Audio

Cameras: Juliet Janiszewski, Rachael Counce & Franco LaFontaine

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